Serious Games have an educational purpose and are not intended primarily for amusement. They are designed to cultivate players’ imaginations, encourage both serious and playful face-to-face dialogue and welcome their emotional engagement when addressing the tricky, messy, “wicked” problems business leaders face throughout their careers.

Mosaic® is a Serious Game that uses gender as a natural starting point to encourage leaders at any level to discuss and reflect on the meaning and practice of inclusive leadership. Players grapple with dilemmas drawn from the experiences of real leaders and practice identifying and responding to inclusion issues. In the context of a competitive yet entertaining game, Mosaic® creates a safe environment for imagining and practicing what can and should be done to constructively resolve inclusion dilemmas.

Players gain:

  • Knowledge about common stereotypes
  • Insight into inclusion pitfalls
  • Opportunities to test their own approaches to inclusion
  • Practice in addressing inclusion issues

Mosaic® can be played by 4 – 7 players with a facilitator trained and certified by On the Agenda®. The game requires a minimum of 2 hours to play and consists of two parts: Dilemmas and Storymaking. Play can be extended to half and full-days to increase learning and development of practical solutions for inclusion dilemmas.

Mosaic® is ideal for adding unique value to leadership meetings, workshops, management development programs, kick-off events, and larger staff meetings.

Mosaic® was developed by On The Agenda® and Gametools® and is based on the book Bridging the Gender Gap – Seven Principles for Achieving Gender Balance (Oxford University Press, 2016) by Lynn Roseberry and Johan Roos.

To find out more about Mosaic® or sign up to become a certified Mosaic® facilitator, please contact us.

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