Lessons from an accidental male champion of gender parity

Martin Schneider didn't know he was going to become a male champion of gender parity. Maybe he wouldn't even describe himself that way now. But that's what he's become in a way. And it happened completely by accident. Back in March of this year, an article in The...

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The 7 steps to a successful diversity program

What does a successful diversity program look like? Apparently that's a question most companies don't seem to be able to answer, according to the authors of the following two articles published last year in the Harvard Business Review: Diversity policies rarely make...

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The Gender Equality Lesson of 2016

The most important gender equality lesson of 2016 has nothing to do with how or why American voters failed to elect USA’s first female president when they finally had the chance. Rather, it’s about why Denmark dropped from 14th to 19th place on the World Economic...

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How to put gender diversity on your company’s agenda

How do you put gender diversity on your company's agenda? A lot of HR and Diversity Managers have tried saying something like this: “Gender imbalance in our management teams indicates a loss of female talent, and it’s a serious problem that needs management’s...

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Diversity policies work – if you know what you’re doing

What do companies get out of focusing on recruitment and retention of women and minorities? Not much, if you believe the title of a recent Harvard Business Review article:  “Diversity Policies Rarely Make Companies Fairer, and They Feel Threatening to White Men”. ...

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